Scrum and Kanban. Sketches

Experience sharing, Sketches / Среда, Апрель 4th, 2018

In March 2018 I attended the agiledays conference. I already wrote a short review about it in this post. In this note, I want to share with you two my sketches. They I created based on the materials of the conference,  some additional literature and my experience. Since last year l have worked in Scrum Team.

Before using Scrum or Kanban or anything else:

  • be critical thinking,
  • it does not guarantee a suscess,
  • there are not a silver bullet,
  • take up patience,
  • have a clear vision,
  • investsmeents are requred.


Ideal for creating new applications.



Ideal for maintaining existing applications.


Often the refusal of Agile is justified by its non-ecologic: necessary to change not only the work approaches but also the people’s mindset. This refusal is looks like a green camouflage, which is used for costs reducing. People are not afraid of change, they are afraid of uncertainty.

How we improve ous prosesses and find root course ot the problem you can see here.

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